B-BEST battery capacity measuring device

B-BEST battery capacity measuring device

B-BEST battery capacity measuring device

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Capacitance can be measured while the storage battery facility is in operation

Short-time discharge voltage characteristics and recovery voltage characteristics

Each cell's electromotive force, residual capacity, and internal resistance value
Simultaneous measurement and diagnostic interpretation

Discharge current value can be set in 1A increments

Measurement data is graphed and

Convenient report writing function support

(Excellent interpretability due to the graphed report)



  • Automatic measurement of discharge characteristics for 0.5 sec and recovery voltage characteristics for 0.5 sec.
  • Automatically measure 121 points of voltage for 1 second for each cell
  • Diagnosis of one set (54 cells) is possible in 2 hours (approximately 3-4 sets of diagnosis are possible per day)


1) BEST 600np2 (1V , 2V)
2) BEST 2000np2 (1V , 2V)
3) BEST 600npx2 (1V , 2V
       - Non-polar measurement support 10≤A≤600 (Note.1)
4) BEST 30mx12 (6V , 12V)
5) BEST 300npx12 (6V , 12V)
       - Non-polarity measurement support 10≤A≤300 (Note.1)
6) BEST 500mx12 (6V , 12V)
7) BEST 300mx6 (4V , 6V)
BEST 300mx12 ( 6V, 12V )

- 10 hours when replacing the battery discharge test
Cost reduction compared to discharge test
- By early detection and replacement of defective battery cells

Securing reliability throughout the life of the battery

- Based on the clear remaining capacity when replacing the battery

Timely investment execution is possible by implementing

- Power companies: Power plants such as Tokyo Electric Power Substation, Chubu Electric Power, Tohoku Electric Power, Kansai Electric Power, and Hokkaido Electric Power

- Factory: Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Lambda, Toshiba, Shodensha, Nippon Steel, Mitsui, Nippon Petroleum, Taiwan TSMC semiconductor factory, etc.

- Battery manufacturers: GS-YUASA, Furukawa, Shingobe, Hitachi, Taiwan Pilot, etc.

  • Korea: Turn to, Hyundai Oilbank

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