multi-circuit power meter

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gems 3512

The series measures the voltage and current of branch and incoming for up to 12 branches by installing it on the distribution board that supplies power to stores, buildings, etc.

It is possible to understand the electric energy consumption pattern for each detailed unit through the calculation of the amount of electricity used in real time quarterly.

This enables users to operate the distribution board efficiently and helps optimize energy consumption.

The effect of this is as follows.

1. Energy cost allocation and waste factors can be identified by measuring the amount of electricity per process/time

2. Detailed unit power consumption monitoring and power usage analysis and statistics available

3. It is possible to establish an energy saving plan in the correct direction by analyzing energy consumption by department, use, and time period.

4. Energy saving possible through process improvement

5. Real-time management on the go through cloud interworking platform support This equipment is a high-precision multi-power measuring equipment that can accurately analyze and diagnose various problems in energy management and power facilities.

- Multiple power meters capable of monitoring multiple powers with one device

- Up to 12 single-phase loads and 4 three-phase loads (3-phase 4-wire) power monitoring possible

- Measurement elements: phase/line voltage, line current, active/reactive/apparent power, voltage/current unbalance factor, power factor, active/reactive/apparent wattage - Realization of 1.0/0.5 class power precision according to IEC62053-21/22

- As one model, it is applied to 1P2W / 1P3W / 3P4W / 3P3W according to the wiring method

- Measurement elements: Sag/Swell/Over Current, phase/line voltage, frequency, current, active/reactive/apparent power, voltage/current unbalance factor, power factor, phase, active/reactive/apparent power, etc.

- Harmonic power content display (THD) - Ethernet communication and Wi-Fi (optional) support.

- Supports cloud-linked energy platform - Compact size (62 x 96 x 56 mm) that can be installed in a narrow space

- Foreign object prevention function using upper detachable cover and simple design


1- Terminal fixing screw: Screw hole for fixing the terminal (use a +/- screwdriver)

2- Operating power: Connecting power for device operation, Wire Size: 12 ~ 24AWG N: Neutral (AC) connection, L1: Line (AC) connection

3- Voltage measurement: power input terminal for measurement, Wire size: 12 ~ 24AWG

4- Ethernet port: Port for connection to the upper system Protocol: Modbus TCP/IP (Slave), Cloud speed: 10/100

5- CT port: CT connection terminal, plug specification: SMH250-02

6- Device status LED

7- Wall mount hole: Fixing bolt specification: Diameter 4mm, length 55mm

8- Upgrade terminal: terminal for upgrade


gems 3512 - AT/VT

① Model: 3512 (Multi-Channel Power Meter)

② CT specification: AT – 100mA CT / VT – 333mV CT