lGR earth leakage breaker

lGR earth leakage breaker

Smart for the digital age

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What is an earth leakage breaker?

Separate the resistive leakage current (lGR) of active ingredients that affect actual electric shock and electric fire and the capacitive leakage current (IGC) of reactive components according to the harmonics of the electrostatic capacitance or the digital equipment power supply (SMPS) between the wire and the ground, respectively. Therefore, it is a smart earth leakage breaker of a new concept that operates sensitively (18mA) in the case of an actual earth leakage (lgr) and insensitive (90mA) in the case of an ineffective component.

What are the operating characteristics of the general earth leakage breaker of the existing method?

It does not distinguish between the reactive component capacitive leakage current (IGC) and the active component resistive leakage current (IGR), and operates the earth leakage breaker with the vector composite value of the two components, resulting in malfunction due to the large amount of capacitive leakage current occurring in the digital age. As such cases occur frequently, the cost of A/S, line separation, and construction cost due to the expansion of circuit breakers increases.

Comparison of operating characteristic graph with general earth leakage breaker

Introduction of patented technology

It is a signal signal processing method that calculates the phase difference between the leakage current and the line voltage measured by the zero-phase current transformer (Zct). The size of the active component (lGR) and the ineffective component (lGC) for the leakage current is separated by an arithmetic formula. With the development of patented technology (registration No. 10-0876651), it is easy to expand technology such as leakage current component analysis, live wire insulation resistance calculation, and various technical application services related to active component operation type leakage interruption method.


Case 1: When entering the vehicle after LED construction in the basement parking lot of the apartment, the existing short circuit breaker fell off when the LED lamp was turned off, so the construction was not completed, but after replacing it with the Benefit IGR52 breaker, it was operated normally.

Case 2: Resolving the problem of short circuit breaker trip for supplying PCs and ATM devices in public buildings in Sejong-ro.

Case 3: Jamsil L Department Store P company LED lights were operated with third-party IGR breakers, replaced with Benefit IGR52, and operated normally.

Case 4: Resolving the problem of short circuit breaker trip after replacement of LED lights at K City Hall.

Case 5: Completely solves the trip problem after replacing the problem that the short circuit breaker for the S-Metro N station subway screen door frequently falls with IGR52.

Case 6: IDC Computer Development Room PC Short Circuit Breaker Triped and replaced with IGR52 to solve the problem.

Case 7: When connecting about 10 PCs in the company, replace the short circuit breaker trip problem with IGR52 and operate normally.

Case 8: After construction of LED lights in the four major rivers basin, in case of a short circuit breaker trip problem, replace it with an IGR short circuit breaker and operate it normally.

Case 9: Internet equipment of K, L telecommunication companies and short circuit breakers for base stations trip in case of lightning and operate normally after replacement (resolving the trip problem in case of lightning).

Case 10: When constructing an S-electronic plant, IGR52 solves the problem of PC malfunction after installing a lighting lamp for PC power supply.

Case 11: Apply to the internal control circuit of the TKE elevator to solve the problem of frequent trips.

■ PC game room, computer program development room.

■ Road streetlights and LED road traffic signal boxes. The entire panel.

■ Communication partitions, mobile base stations partitions,
(Place where the automatic recovery-type short circuit breaker is installed)

■ A power distribution panel for factory lighting and LED lighting.

■ The entire cost of medical equipment at the hospital.

■ A panel for landscaping lights.

■ High-voltage discharge tube advertisement tower partitions

■ A barn, a vinyl house, and a distribution board for aquariums.

■ Karaoke board, electronic instruments, etc.


IGR-32C is available in areas other than submerged areas for LED streetlights and LED security lights.

Since a surge voltage suppressing device is embedded therein, it has the advantage of extending the life of a power supply such as LED lighting.




 ㅇ IGR-32i ( 누전경보차단기 / 누전경보  LED표시형 IGR누전차단기 )

- 저항성 누설전류 (IGR)가 30mA급에서는 12mA, 15mA 급에서는 6mA가 발생하면 IGR누전차단기 전면의  IGR ALM 아래에 있는 적색 LED
   를 깜빡이게 함. 적색 LED가 깜빡이면 반드시 부하 선로를 점검해야 화재를 방지할 수가 있음.



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