Noise Filter

Noise Filter

Power Line Noise Filter

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- A frequency exceeding the harmonic range of the power line, occurring between the conductor and the ground. - If the voltage level is 2.5 volts or higher in the low area at 2~9kHz and in the high area at 9~150kHz, an   abnormal signal may be generated in the communication and measurement control signals.
- Model name: JS-NF-915
- Power used: Single-phase voltage 100V ~ 250V, 50/60Hz, rated current 10A or less
- Size: Width (120mm) x Length (55mm) x Height (59mm)
 - Filtering noise frequency band: 10kHz ~ 150kHz
 - Noise attenuation: min 10 ~ max 50 dBuV
- Exothermic temperature: 30℃


- Characteristic

- Connect L-N and ground wire (PE) to the noise filter input terminal (LINE)

- SMPS, DC converter, and inverter are installed at the output terminal (LOAD) L'-N'


- Installation photo

- Countermeasure against communication equipment noise
  - Countermeasures against measurement errors such as precision manufacturing plants and power plants
 - ESS, PCS, and photovoltaic power plant communication line noise countermeasures
- Measure noise accurately before installation and correct L-N connection during installation.
- PQube3 is recommended for Supra harmonics measuring equipment.