Best low-cost, high-precision electricity quality energy and environmental monitoring

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Latest low cost high precision

Electricity quality/energy and environmental monitoring

Satisfies KEPCO distribution harmonics measurement standard: IEC61000-4-30 Class A Ed.3

Satisfying technical standards related to distributed power distribution system

Satisfying the standards for power quality analyzers for electrical safety diagnosis agencies

Measurement of 2-150kHz conductor radiation noise (Supra-harmonics)

Provides multiple channels of additional AC, DC and environmental monitoring sensors

Relay module for maximum peak power control (RM8)

Internal 32GB memory automatic data storage device (XML processing- No DB

general details

• Exceeding KEPCO's distribution harmonic measurement standards

• Satisfying technical standards related to distributed power distribution system

• Satisfying electric quality analyzer for electric safety diagnosis companies

• Voltage measurement range: three-phase, single-phase, split-phase
69~480Vac (L-N), 100~960Vac(L-L),

• AC phase current ( 5ch-PQ mode / additional 3ch,

Additional 6-channel (for energy meter) measurement

• Self-configurable: automatic detection single-phase, 3-phase,
Phase-phase, wye, representative voltage, representative frequency

• 4 analog inputs: AN1, AN2, AN3, AN4 (analog
log input: 4), 1-digital input, 1-relay output

• Option: (Additional 2) Improved environmental monitoring measurement

• Power supply: 24Vac, 24-48Vdc, PoE (Ethernet)

module power), supports PM1 100~240Vac

• Optional UPS module: Self-charging for a total of 30 minutes
Backup time (optional)

• Internal 32GB automatic data storage (XML processing)

• Removable 32GB micro SD card and
USB (optional), provided with a lid for restricting access

• Full color touch screen, DIN rail mounting method

Energy (Class 0.2s class)

• When using CT provided by PowerSide
IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S and ANSI C12.20 Class
Satisfies 0.2s. (Precision level for power generation measurement)

• Watts, VA, VARs, True Power Factor (tPF),
watt-hours, VA-hours, VAR-hours.

• Simultaneous measurement of electric power in both directions – power generation and distribution*

• Peak Average — single-cycle, 1-minute, 15-minute,
During the custom period

• Provides CT ratios: 1:1 to 1:50000; PT Ratio Provided:
Supports 1:1 to 1:10000 (6,900,000V)

• Daily, weekly and monthly trends; Period load curve.

• Energy accumulator - daily, weekly, monthly
(EN50160 report online web service provided)

environmental monitoring

• Choices (up to 2): improved temperature, humidity,
Atmospheric pressure, vibration sensor (can be added)

- Two ports of solar radiation (W/㎡)

• Analog Inputs - Flow, RPM, Fluid,
pressure sensor support

• Event can be set by instantaneous change of vibration

Electrical quality monitoring (Class A Ed.3)

• IEC 61000-4-30 ClassA Ed3, IEEE1159, IEEE519
Maintain compatibility

• Sampling rate: single phase 4Mhz, per channel 1Mhz (high frequency
number, surge waveform capture possible)

• Voltage sampling: 512samling / per channel (phase lock)

• Record electrical quality with waveform and RMS value

• Instantaneous voltage drop, momentary overvoltage, momentary power failure; high frequency,
Low-frequency events, visual snapshots

• VoltageTHD, CurrentTDD and CurrentTHD ; voltage/current
imbalance; VARs; VAR-hr accumulator, flicker (Pinst, PST, PLT)
• Measurement of voltage/current harmonics (integer, non-integer)-63 orders of magnitude
with statistics

• Daily, weekly and monthly trends. cumulative probability statistics,

ITIC, SEMI F47, CBEMA, MIL-STD, Samsung Power Vaccine
Provide graphs, etc.

• High-speed voltage fluctuation event (RVC) Class A Ed.3

• Waveform change event generation and recording

• 2kHz-150kHz power supply noise frequency band can be measured

Communication (Embedded Ethernet)

• Provides web server function for direct remote access
-No special program required (normal web browser)

• Whenever an electrical quality event or trend occurs
Free quick email notification function

• Provides data file transfer via FTP

• Built-in Ethernet port

• Modbus-TCP SNMP (v2 and v3) real-time metering
Provided (multi-tasking support)

• 2 USB 1.0 port, 1 USB 2.0 port for data transmission

• NTP, SNTP Internet time synchronization provided

• Provides secure communication with HTTPS

• DNP3.0, BACnet/IP protocol provided

• IEC 61850*

* QubeScan Internet cloud integration service provided

(optional sale)

ㅇ Compliance

• Safety standards

UL, TUV, ISA-82.02.01 (IEC 61010-1 MOD), CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO.61010-1,
Japan S-mark, GS, CE.

• Immunity standard

IEC 61000-4-5 (6kV peak 100kHz surge), IEC61000-4-4 (4kV peak EFT bursts),

IEC 61000-4-2 Level 1 and MIL-STD-883 (electrostatic discharges),

IEC 61000-4-3 (radio frequency fields), IEC 61000-4-8 (magnetic fields).

• Emission standards

EN 55022 and CISPR 22, radiated and conducted

Power Supply Modules

PM1/PM2 Power Management Module

• 100V to 240Vac 50/60Hz or 120 to 370VDC to PQube3
supply available

• PM2 : 24VDC power supply to accessories (up to 5W)
Hall sensor, GPS antenna, etc. power supply
☞ Note: PQube3 is 24VAC, 24VDC~48VDC or
PoE (Ethernet port power) works without option module

UPS1 Power Storage Module

• Power backup possible up to 30 minutes - Coping with multiple power outages

• Backup supply with optional 24VDC output (PM2)

ENV2 EnviroSensor ( Part Number : ENV2 )
   • Air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure monitor
   • Temperature/humidity event trigger
   • Sensors using a 10-meter extension cable to monitor local/remote ambient temperature/humidity, clogged filters, malfunctioning ventilation fans, etc.
   • Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C
   • Humidity accuracy: ±5%RH (20~80% R.H.)
   • 3-axis X-Y-Z accelerometer (recording unit: m/s²)
   • Input port for type K thermometer
   • Port for solar insolation sensor input (insolation recording unit: W/m²)



Select CTI-1A, 5A module to connect up to 4 standard metering/protective relay/instrument CT in series
  • IEC62053-22 Class 0.2 accuracy certified
    : Combined with PQube3
  • IEC61000-4-7 Class A harmonic current certification
  • Overload capacity: 250 amps for 1 second, <1 VA load

3-Phase AC Voltage Attenuator

• Input/output voltage from UPS, PCS, and inverter to one PQube3
3-phase attenuator module for simultaneous measurements

ATT1 – DC High Voltage Attenuation Module

 ATT1-600 (DC voltage attenuator)

• For high voltage DC monitoring

• Monitoring of one differential voltage or two voltages to earth

• Part Number ATT1-0600V-00 (600V rating)

ATT2 – DC High Voltage Attenuator / DC Current Composite Connection Module


• Part Number ATT2-300V-00

• Part Number ATT2-600V-00

• Part Number ATT2-1200V-00

• Part Number ATT2-2400V-00

• Part Number ATT2-4800V-00

☞ Can monitor 1 differential voltage or 2 earth-to-ground voltages

☞ DC current connects Hall sensor output


 ATT1-1200, 2400, 4800 (DC voltage attenuator)

• Part Number ATT1-1200V-00 (1200V rating)

• Part Number ATT1-2400V-00 (2400V rating)

• Part Number ATT1-4800V-00 (4800V rating)

☞ Note: Instantaneous voltage of DC high voltage such as solar power, ESS, etc.

High-precision split CT (Rogowski Coils/leakage current)


 Rogowski Coils

• Part Number FCT-24-3000A-00 (Loop length: 24 inches)

• Part Number FCT-36-3000A-00 (Loop length: 36 inches)

• Part Number FCT-48-3000A-00 (Loop length: 48 inches)

☞ Direct connection to PQube3 without power

§ Leakage Current (ZCT)

• Part Number IGR CT-02 (Inner diameter: 40∅)

• Part Number IGR CT-03 (Inner diameter: 68∅)

RM8 – Relay Extension Module


 8 latch relay contacts (4 each up/down)

• 20ms or less operation, 2A @ 60VDC/30VAC contact
• NO/NC latching relay method
• W / VA / Amp measured in units of 1 second
- Over/Under can be set

• Maximum peak load shedding control (controlled in units of up to 10 seconds)

• Can control the maximum peak power generation load of the wind power generator

• Circuit breaker control function when ESS's DC voltage/current fluctuates
Applicable to ESS fire prevention by providing

Extended Power Backup Package


 UPS2 + XB1 + XB1D

• Battery controller (UPS2), backup battery (XB1), DIN rail (XB1D)

• Backup extended power (up to 1 hour)

• Operating temperature: -25°C to +60°C



ㅇ Go to PQube3 Korea Renewal Information Lab and check: http://www.pqlook.kr

1, Check the real-time measurement value ( Meter )

PQube3 provides data in several useful formats.

• Various events, trends, and statistics in *.GIF and *.CSV data files

• Provides text, XML, and HTML summary information

• PQDIF file (IEEE standard for electrical quality data files)

Each graph and chart is displayed in two user-selected languages (a total of 35
Displayed as selectable languages*)

• All graphs are created by PQube3, software

without, easily viewed by a browser or image viewer.
Graphs are simply attached as email attachments.

Can be sent to everyone (eg equipment engineer or power supply company)

PQub3 screen web interface.

From here, the user can check the PQube3 status, access and view real-time values, and send commands.

Each PQube3 can be managed by assigning a unique name and location to manage multiple PQube3s.

PQube3e (Measurement of total current 14 channels)
- When measuring input/output voltage and current of UPS, ESS, PCS, and inverter
It is very convenient to use.

- When adding voltage measurement, additional VAT1-600 module is required

2. 위상 측정값 확인하기 ( Phasor ) 

3. 추이 및 통계값 확인하기 (  Trend & Statistics)

 - L-E 전원 노이즈 확인


 - 전기품질 평가표 보기 (  EN50160 Report )

 - ITIC, CBEMA, SEMI F47 새그 내성 그래프 확인하기 

 4. 전기품질 분석, 진단 엔지니어를 위한 정밀 계측기 파형 확인하기 

   - PQDiffractor 프로그램으로 확인하기 

ㅇ PQDIF 파일 보기 : PQView 싸이트에서 다운로드 받아서 *.pqd 파일을 열면 확인이 가능함.


(Electric quality integrated management system: sold separately)

Internet cloud service that integrates and manages all PQube or PQube3 events in the area

If the individual PQube3 SD card is full of events, it automatically deletes the last month data, or the operator backs up the PQube3 SD card one by one and deletes the data. There is no event to be thrown away by linking with and saving it.

It can enlarge and reduce events like instrument waveforms to investigate and analyze them, and provides EN50160 report writing function, various long-term and short-term trends, and energy usage tracking graphs.

You can try it out for free for 60 days. After that, choose to switch to paid


1.ㅇ Web search screen explanation video by IP address of PQube3: PQDIF, Modbus also introduction: below



2.ㅇ Video on how to write Configurator to run PQube3: below
     - How to register a quick start, company logo, and installation location image



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5. LOAD (Voltage, Current, Harmonics) Definition Setting Method Video : Below



6. Setting method for AC voltage trigger: below



7. AC current CT setting method: below



8. Setting method for AC current trigger: below



9. Setting method for monitoring voltage and current harmonics:



10. How to use PQube3's email function: below



11. How to save event data to USB: below


12. How to download events all at once in PQube3 using FTP: